self titled debut

by hanging up the moon

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Joy love and happiness, Seek and you shall find. They're hiding in your consciousness, They're waiting for you to come around. Towering gloom, the people live their lives. Wonder and innocence, slowly steals away. Far and removed, from the beauty that surrounds. Go on and fill your cup, it's time to tip the balance. Money, bread and butter, have come to spoil your fun. They've collectively convinced you, to leave the child inside of you.
Are you done feeling sorry for yourself? Oh its heavy I know, but I've heard it all before. When you called and told me you were down, you were going round and round. Don't live a lie, Unless you're prepared to pay the price, Its yours to decide, when and where to draw the line. And in your sadness you wondered, where did you go wrong. Only to discover, that you knew it all along. And inspite of how you denied it for so long, its not the same anymore. Don't live a lie, it should come as no surprise. No longer on the list, can't play ignorance is bliss.
Out on the run, out on the run. Days in the sun, days in the sun. Tiny victims to your name. Wild thing ginger rules them all. Born to be free, born to be free. The king of the hill and half empty streets. Forever, it was not to be, you know, its the same for me. The shivering cold, the shivering cold. I'm holding you near, I'm holding you dear. Feel the rhythm of your purr, Hear me whisper in your ear. Take all the faces you've known, the places you've roamed. Take all the memories gold, the memories gold. You will always be with me, So go on and chase that setting sun.
the drunkard 03:16
If life's a walk in the park, Mind the turd in your path. And if that path should get dark, Drown yourself in a pub. Don't take from me, I have nothing left to give, Words lose their meaning when we're bending in the wind. If you drink for a year, You'll pay for it dear. When you're sober and clear, life will wait for you here. Once held the key, now consigned to memory. Play the canned applause, indulge the fool in me.
k 03:19
we fail 03:21
We walk, we talk the talk, We laugh at the face of it all. Knocking down the others door, line them up against the wall, soon they'll all come back for more. We climb, we often fall, We fail, so we can stay the course. Going down the same old path, The men in green, the suits in black, statistics and bodybags. Tell me that it isn't so, Convince me that I've lost my soul, be accustomed to the failings in you and me. We walk, we talk the talk, We laugh at the face of it all.
slow train 05:04
Morning sun paints away the night, Night subsides, but lingers on in the shadows. I'm waiting for the breeze, to cradle the falling leaves. One last embrace as they decend upon the fishes in the stream, moving against the currents in the water under the bridge. Evening comes to anounce the return of night. So day subsides into a million guiding lights. I'm waiting for the breeze, to cradle the falling leaves.
Dig, keep digging, you've barely scratched the surface. Keep your head down, I've already got you covered. You'll get what you need, if I get what I want. Should be happy to receive, before I take it back. I work hard for the people, Haven't you read the paper? I have a a heart for the people, did you see me on the news? Keep giving, and stretch into the twilight. Don't be a cynic, these issues are beyond you. You'll get what you need, if I get what I want. That's the way it is you see, so choose your sides or step aside. Didn't you see me on the news? Can you tell me what is new?
winners all 03:08
How can we communicate? When you're still laying bricks. I've seen this coming for some time. It comes as no surprise. Cos Everyone's a sinner, its what makes you a winner. You know what they say, the end justifies the means. So put aside emotion and focus on devotion to the noble cause of guarding your own interests. Use it and abuse it. Learn to justify it. Pretty soon you'll see, that the world will be at your feet. You'll be soaring with ease, over simple minds and gullible hearts, this is your destiny. If you'll excuse me please, kind words are beyond me.


Hanging Up The Moon is a 'self titled' 11 track album comprising of a series of home recordings.

It's been awhile since I've done something musically and this album is the result of me trying to satisfy that urge to get back at music making. Since I currently do not have the time to commit to my band, the only way forward is to do this alone and at home. All the recordings took place in ungodly hours (hence the moniker), mostly because that's really the only window of time I have. The stillness of the night and early mornings also helped, for I was simply working on this album in my study and not a sound proof studio.

In terms of the music, its really raw and simple stuff. I wanted to get back to writing songs that I can play in their entirety using just a guitar or ukulele, campfire songs if you'd like. Going folk this time around allowed me to better focus on the crafting of words. The minimal instrumentation was also fitting in terms of the mood and feelings I was trying to convey. The process of writing these songs and getting them out of my head have been rather therapeutic for me. I do hope you will enjoy listening to the album as much as I enjoyed making it.

- Sean Lam


released January 7, 2011


To Victor Low of The Observatory for helping me with the mastering of this album. It sounds good because of him!

To Jason Chan and Andy Soh for helping me with the website and making sure that everything works great:)

To all my family and friends who have inspired and supported me in my music making journey.

To everyone who has given a listening ear to the songs in this album. Thanks for the support!

All songs written and performed by Sean Lam
Recorded and mixed at home sometime between Apr - Jun 2011.
Mastered by Victor Low of The Observatory.

(p) & © 2011 Hanging Up The Moon. The copyright in these sound recordings as well as the accompanying design and concept is owned by Sean Lam (Hanging Up The Moon). All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performances and broadcasting prohibited.


all rights reserved



hanging up the moon Singapore

What started off as a solo project for Sean Lam has evolved into a collaborative effort. Enlisting the help of friends Alexius Cai (Piblokto), Dean Aziz (Concave Scream), Leslie Low (The Observatory) and Victor Low (Affixen),
Hanging Up The Moon continues to grow both in sound and set-up.

Hanging Up The Moon :
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